Congratulations on your appointment Dr. Pappin. Looking forward to your insights on foreign policy issues.

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Congrats on your your appointment, Dr. Pappin. Look forward to your continual insights on Hungary's foreign policy.

I shared the piece on Twitter with a comment which I copy&paste below, with slight changes in wording:

"Loads of kudos for this Q & A in @PostlibOrder. Every word spells refreshed & refreshing hopes for Hungary in every aspect in an increasingly complicated world, geopolitically and otherwise.

"I refrain from quoting specific lines because if I were to quote, the entire piece would be quoted as an integrated gem.

"But I want to in particular honor the Christian value of TRADITIONAL FAMILY which Hungary intends to preserve, is preserving, will always preserve, WITHOUT APOLOGY, because Hungary is Christian, as the basic building block of a SANE society.

"I speak as a citizen of the human community. I believe in the Order of Nature and the Common Good."

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There was no reference to the war in Ukraine in your interview. Does the Hungarian Institute of Foreign Affairs advocate for a particular view of the proper relationship of Hungary to the war, or are there a range of perspectives and possible course of action provided? What role do you foresee the Institute playing in advising the government on the best course to take? It's not clear based on the item published Feb. 2nd in this publication what your perspective might be vs. the various perspectives articulated by Prime Minister Orbán .

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