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Thrilling read, wow did I enjoy that!

You see, I have no religion and no exposure to catholic thinking so when you interpret our crass cultural beliefs through the gorgeous antique language and timelessness of catholic beliefs, I am gobsmacked. It, you, are so polite and powerful and serious and substantive and so encouraging of selflessness it is like a tonic for me.

We live in a time of “insolent pride”, our city is a feted sewer, and in a way that is all I know, I’m all alone and this older sensibility is an elixir.

Pope Leo was a good writer as well. I am going to quote him.

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Thank you for the timely reflection.

One is reminded of how lacking the virtue of courage is in our times. On the one side, those who wave that particularly odious, befouled symbol only do so where they know no repercussions of import will occur; not likely to be seen in Riyadh. But that cowardice is emboldened by a first which refuses to say "no, not permitted" in the first place. In earlier times, I suspect a Catholic city in a Catholic country filled with actual Catholics would have removed an offending symbol by some manner, potentially one not favorable to the party committing the offense.

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Thank you for the thoughts in this piece. I sense a note of sadness in the final paragraph. If I am right, I share the sadness. Regardless of one's faith, Humility is perhaps the highest of human virtues.

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