I appreciate the optimism, so it gives some hope. But it must lead with an end to mass immigration, the immediate deportation of illegals, and repatriation of foreigners. An end to all welfare for foreign nationals too, including education and healthcare.

As you will be aware upwards of 80 percent of British fundamentally reject multiculturalism and a multiethnic Britain. Most feel we are losing our country to a coalition of white liberals and politically well-organized foreign cultural groups. If this is not on the cards the New Conservatives will fail. As you mentioned in the article, both the traditional Labour voters and Middle England voted for the Conservatives for these very reasons.

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The fact that the people in the UK voted for one thing in the elections but eventually the policies decided by the parliament and the government did not meet their expectations I am afraid that it won't be addressed only by a change of representatives. Similar issues can be seen everywhere across the "western world" except maybe Switzerland. It's not just a problem with the persons - it's a systemic problem of the institutions leading to a well know and measured decline in legitimization, it's a problem of transfer of power from the electorate to unelected officials & bureaucrats, overall it's a problem with Representative Parliamentarism, which is proven to be a form of elected Oligarchy.

I am afraid that despite the optimistic notes about this New Conservative movement, eventually it will be proven to be the cause of huge disappointments, of treason and of unacceptable compromises. Besides the return to fundamental societal principles and ideological values but nothing important will happen unless they will push for structural changes. These changes should allow the citizens to directly intervene in the decision making process via Citizens' Referendum and Initiatives that will force the Parliament & the Government to make compromises according to the preferences and the values of the majority. The Swiss Example is a well tested way to implement Direct Democratic principles on a country level and should be used to guide the structural changes needed in Parliamentarism. Because, actually, Direct Democracy is the only way to a Democratic political system.

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