Context in terms of the water we all swim in in varying degrees of murkiness. But priority and urgent concern is life-threatening poison. I speak as one tiniest speck in the 8 billion (2022 Nov) in the universe. I have no tribe except the family I was born in and the trajectory of my own personal growth. I am also limited by the confines of my own cognitive, conative and spiritual spheres.

Congratulations!! Truly excited about this PostLiberalOrder podcast launch. Good stuff efficiently delivered.

3+ years ago when I first discovered on Twitter the writings of the 4 people who put together PostLiberalOrder, my heart skipped a beat. "Oh God!", I said to myself, "Something good finally happened! At long last!"

It was as if a bright light, an intense beam, shines at the end of a dark, interminable, tunnel that had threatened a dead end.


Still listening, about 2/3 way thru the 1 hr 17 min material. But can't resist urge to say CONGRATS!!

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Dec 14, 2022·edited Dec 14, 2022

In Dobbs, right liberals celebrated returning the issue of abortion back to the states for 50 popular votes on the issue. But left liberals understood that position was as incoherent as Lincoln had found Douglas’ argument for “popular sovereignty. They immediately made it a national issue for the advancement of their vision of the common good.

Right liberals, having no competing vision they promote, meandered and presented such collage of possible end-points to abortion access that their candidates were easy to caricature and demonize.

Of course, “returning it to the states” was always only a cope that right liberals offered to left liberals to make the latter — their friends and their donors — less upset at the right’s obsessive efforts to overturn Roe.

It didn’t work.

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With Roe overturned, should conservatives still prioritize whom the next President will nominate to the Supreme Court?

What do right-wingers want the court to DO? After all, Roe came at the very end of a generation of liberal jurisprudence, there were many, many liberal decisions that preceded it. Heck, the entire Warren Court preceded Roe, which was a Burger Court ruling.

What rights do right wingers want affirmed and what decisions do they want reversed? What restrictions do they want placed on left wingers?

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My own teacher, John Schaar (ז׳׳ל), used to speak of liberals as Pelagians. So, I am pleased to take this apt observation, made helpfully here in the pod, as canonical

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How does Peter Brown fit in to St. Augustine as liberal? I'm flummoxed, though admittedly ignorant, but the City of God was written against the pagans, yes ???

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